Team-building Activities You Can Do Online

The phrase team-building gets a mixed response. For some, it represents fond memories of messing around with coworkers, feeling like you’re featured in a sitcom for a day. For others, it might be a day of awkward small talk and patronising professionals who got paid an undisclosed amount telling you to do trust falls and puzzles. Social capital is a concept that gives real value to our relationships and how we interact with each other. Teams that get on well and respect each other are more valuable than teams that only interact through emails and therefore have greater social capital. Here are some easy-to-do team-building activities that are perfect for working from home.

Virtual Pub

Friday, Pub. Name a more iconic duo, I’ll wait. Heading to the locals for a couple drinks after work, allows people to unwind before they get home and is greeted by the list of chores they ignored that week. For as long as the five-day working week has existed this ritual has been performed and it does not have to stop if your employees are spread out across the country and work from home. Re-name one of your Wurkr rooms to the Winchester and chat with your co-workers over a cool beverage.

Group Exercise

The office lifestyle is already a pretty sedentary one, but missing out on Starbucks trips and commuting can lead you to become one with your chair if you’re not careful. It’s important to get moving during your breaks but it can often be a bit dull on your own. Getting your teams together to attempt to follow professional yoga videos on youtube can be a laugh and a great way to encourage those who struggle to find the time to keep fit.

Quiz Night

Finding out Darren, father of two, knows every Taylor Swift song from the first few notes might not be vital for good team dynamics, but it’s definitely something you wouldn’t find out without a weekly quiz night. Lighthearted competition is healthy and quiz nights will help your team get to know each other better, hobbies and interests.

Online Games

Love Pictionary? Try All of your favourite party games have been ‘reimagined’ on the internet. Bringing these games to the ‘virtual’ pub is also a great way to loosen up for some of the more spicy games, like cards against humanity. Just make sure HR isn’t with you and there are no meetings the following morning. If you have a bit of an old-school heart, then you probably played with Pokemon cards when you were younger and traded them amongst your friends, if you find some colleagues who were equally as cool as you, you may want to do a separate Zoom call and do some ‘virtual trading’ so when you get to see each other in person you’ll be able to hand over and receive those cards you’ve been haggling with over lockdown. You might want to also check out websites like and others like it first to see what cards are available and how you can build up your collection.

Playing role playing and strategy games (like Colonist) has become quite common in the IT world, since they provide a lot of relaxation and fun in addition to helping us improve our problem-solving abilities that are crucial for developers. Games like this are often something that not only aids in improving various life skills but also enhances the ability to make a decision. They are also magical and fun, from the building of characters to the actual play, thus, they prove to be highly addictive. Role-playing games (take a sneak a peek at this website to know more about one such game) require players to use strategic thinking, problem-solving skills, and creativity. Keeping and building relationships among players is a key component of the game formula. Designed to strengthen teams, they also can help everyone realize their role as a team member. Now, if your team members are in the mood to win big bucks, you can encourage them to try the best new casino site 2022 that is available online. Maybe a game of blackjack or three-card poker can inspire your employees to work better together.

Non-Work Work Chat

A chat channel for things unrelated to work lets team members get to know each other’s personal lives better without the small talk. Don’t worry about things getting too personal between you and your boss since these chats typically devolve into daily pictures of dogs, cats, and 2012 Facebook memes.