The secret to retaining top remote talent

The key to a company’s success is its ability to recruit and retain the best talent. Boosting employee experience, helping employees advance in their careers, and investing in their future prospects within the company should be top priorities.

Companies try their best to recruit the right talent with the help of recruitment agencies similar to Cartisian Technical Recruitment (which is a supply chain, logistics, and fmcg recruitment agency). While the new and efficient candidates can be hired easily, effort should be put into retaining them. In a world struck by a global pandemic, the steps that businesses must take to prevent employee turnover and the loss of their top employees are evolving. The new normal has created a rise in remote working opportunities providing for a great work-life balance. Thus, employers face the challenge of having to fight for their employees.

Fear not… Wurkr is back with our tips to help you boost employee experience and retain your most valued talent in this changing environment.

1. Do more

Go a step further than your competitors in providing job flexibility. Perhaps showing your appreciation for their work could be a good idea for retaining top talents. For instance, you can provide them with gif card vouchers using Gift Card Software to make them feel that they are appreciated, wanted, and required in the company. Remember that gratitude and thankfulness go a long way in keeping employees invested in a company. When your actions tell them that they are desired, they are less likely to leave the company.

Attempting to make your workforce happy may result in increased overall success in the workplace as well as improved interpersonal relationships. Employees who are satisfied with their jobs feel a sense of pride and accomplishment, and they enjoy what they do. This sense of meaning has a positive feedback loop; that is, the sense of satisfaction reduces stress, which can eventually improve their productivity. It is, therefore, your responsibility as a team leader to keep your team happy and satisfied. There are many different types of leaders, but only the best ones understand the significance of their employees arriving at work prepared to make a difference. Nobody is perfect, but there is always room for improvement that can benefit both you and your employees.

Also, Location has always been an important factor in job procurement. But work from home has given workers a taste of the freedom booting the commute provides. Many employees could be setting their sights on moving away from expensive cities to the idyllic countryside. By proving flexible or remote working opportunities, your employees can experience the best of both worlds – living where they want whilst doing the job they love. However, implementing long-term hybrid and remote working solutions does not only benefit the employees. Your company could also cast a wider net when searching for the best talent. Instead of being limited to one city, the world could literally be your oyster.

A remote worker eating the deliveroo lunch provided by their employer for a team lunch in order to boost team morale and the employee experience

2. Actually Boost Employee Experience

In a WFH world, employee benefits must be reevaluated. A distributed team cannot make the most of an office’s free snacks and a ping pong table from their homes. But there are other ways to actually boost your employees’ remote working experience. Consider offering stipends for WFH work spaces. Perhaps free snacks could be translated into a free UberEats or Deliveroo meal per month to be “shared” via a virtual work lunch. Besides lunch events, you can also organize other team-building activities-maybe a fun virtual escape room for work; getting together and solving problems together, even remotely, can boost employee morale and could make the WFH experience a bit more enjoyable. Not only will you be acknowledging your employees for their hard work but the virtual event would double as a team building exercise. If you are stuck for ideas consider asking your team about what could benefit them. This could be an extra long lunch, a voucher for an ergonomic chair or a virtual team pottery class- just make sure that your gestures are adding value to your employees’ experience.

3. Efficient communication

Just because you can’t physically drop by someone’s office or cubicle doesn’t mean you can’t still virtually connect with your team . Wurkr allows you to streamline your team’s communication with everything all in one place. With the click of a button, you can “pop in” to ask for help or for a quick well-being chat. Our platform makes it easier for your staff to communicate via audio, video and messaging. There is no need for endless email chains and stressing over whether you should end a message with ‘Kind Regards’ or ‘Many Thanks’. Furthermore, the office floor plan allows you to see who is at work and their availability so you don’t distract your colleagues from important tasks. Streamline your virtual communication today by signing up for your own free trial virtual workspace here.

By following the three tips above, you will be able to boost your employee experience and retain your top talent. Now remember that this is a secret to be shared so spread the word!