An all-hands meeting is where all teams and departments discuss an important topic. It’s essential for keeping the entire company informed and up-to-date.

How Wurkr Improves Your All-Hands

If you’re working remotely, joining or hosting an all-hands meeting is more of a chore than a pleasure. That’s where Wurkr saves the day. 

Better than in person

If your team leader can’t organize all-hands meetings in office spaces, we’ll provide a virtual office that’ll have everything you’ll need for an engaging and lively all-hands. Before your all-hands, you can customize your space and make it more aligned with your virtual team culture!

Engaging experience

Let’s face it, all-hands in VC platforms are boring. After a few minutes, the majority of the audience is completely disengaged (and probably multi-tasking), the presenter feels like he’s speaking to a wall as there’s no back and forth, and everyone’s just hoping for the meeting to end early – or at least on time. 

Two-Way Conversations

Why should all-hands only be a one-way conversation from the presenter to the audience? Create break-out rooms and give the audience the opportunity to split into sub-groups and engage on topics brought up in the all-hands

Access to the Right Information and Context

To make the conversation run smoother, pre-share the documents and information so the audience can easily open and navigate them during the presentation.

Increased Trust and Better Connection

Can you relate? It’s easy to feel neglected when you don’t see your teammates and your team leaders. 

A Wurkr all-hands meeting will help you connect and build a better relationship with your teammates by seeing everyone. You’ll become connected to the team on an emotional level (no tears, please). 

That’s why Wurkr is the platform you’ve been looking for.

What Is an All-Hands?

An all-hands meeting is one of the few meeting types where everyone working in your company comes together.

Instead of organizing meetings around specific departments or teams to cover issues and share information that relates only to a particular group, your team leaders will call an all-hands meeting to share updates with the entire company.

Want to ask questions, share updates, organize discussions, or reach decisions? Then an all-hands meeting is the most efficient way for everyone to get involved.

Why Are All-Hands Important?

All-hands meetings come with a bucketload of benefits, making them an essential part of every company. Whether you’re part of a small team or a blue-chip enterprise, the importance of all-hands meetings can’t be understated.

Let’s say your team leader wants to share big announcements, important company changes, positive news, industry developments, company growth, or just regular ol’ updates. 

There’s no better way to do it than with an all-hands meeting. All your peers receive the same information, in the same way, and simultaneously. 

No more repeating the same information over and over again, and you can ditch organizing multiple smaller meetings separately.

With an all-hands meeting, a skilled team leader can cover all questions and issues in a single sitting and make sure that everyone’s on the same page. 

Now, as you can probably guess, organizing such a big virtual meeting can be a real challenge. There’s a ton of factors at play, and things get even more complicated if you’re working remotely. 

But that’s where Wurkr comes in.

Use Wurkr for Your Next All-Hands!

Wurkr is the best virtual office platform that equips you with all the necessities to attend a successful all-hands meeting. 

Sign up for Wurkr (it’s free!) and use our platform for your next all-hands meeting to experience the difference!


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