Feedback session

Feedback sessions are ideal for improving your team’s workflow and helping everyone grow and be the best version of themselves. Here’s how to organize them when you work remotely.

How Wurkr Improves Your Feedback Sessions

Some of the biggest issues with feedback sessions done through traditional VC software is that people drop in with no idea of what they’ll discuss. 

Sure, you can screen share, but not really open any Google Docs or whiteboards for a more interactive online experience. You also have to worry about someone else accidentally dropping in or listening to the meeting.

Wurkr solves these issues with the following benefits:

  1. Foster a culture of feedback – when you give feedback in a private convo, other members of your organizations can see you’re giving positive feedback.
  2. Keep a history of feedback – attach documents to keep track of the evolution of your feedback sessions so you can build on top of that for future reference.
  3. Enjoy a more personal feel – add various decorative features to your virtual spaces so they resemble traditional meetings intended to provide feedback to team members.
  4. Create an interactive experience – pin sticky notes, open Google Docs, and use whiteboards to help you make the most of your sessions and avoid wasting time.

With Wurkr, you’ll feel comfortable, accepted, and motivated to improve – even if the feedback might not focus on your best qualities at work.

What Is a Feedback Session?

Regular feedback sessions are one of the key elements of a successful team. Essentially, feedback sessions are meetings that focus on highlighting individual performance and all its aspects.

Feedback sessions can be both positive and negative. 

While positive ones provide an ideal opportunity to show gratitude and reward exceptional performance, negative feedback sessions are used to shed some light on actions that could be done better.

However, a lot goes into putting together a practical feedback session, and giving feedback that’s truly useful requires more care and attention than most teams invest. 

For feedback to be valuable, a feedback session must be factual, behavioral, specific, focused on patterns, and linked to direct impact on a team member’s performance.

Why Are Feedback Sessions Important?

Feedback sessions act as the perfect opportunity to point out the good, the bad, and the ugly.

With a high-quality feedback session, you can identify the impact of a specific action or behavior – and define expectations for future reference. 

Overall, feedback sessions are useful for developing high-performing teams and helping each other grow personally and professionally. However, not every team has a strong feedback culture, and far fewer teams actually provide high-quality and useful feedback.

But Wurkr will help your team become highly effective at that!

Put it simply, there are three main reasons feedback sessions are essential:

  1. Help each member understand what they do well and how they can improve.
  2. Make sure there’s clarity and no misalignment regarding the feedback.
  3. Encourage each team member to implement the feedback properly.

Use Wurkr for Your Next Feedback Session

A good feedback session comes with many advantages, and things get even better when you can add a bit of an atmosphere to the whole thing and quickly share ideas on a whiteboard.

Click the button below to sign up for a free Wurkr account and start adding your team members for a quick one-to-one feedback session!


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