Ideation meetings help teams come up with novel ideas for a specific problem. That means creating a zone where ideas, no matter how out there, can be thrown around and analyzed.

How Wurkr Improves Ideation

The idea is to create a way for teams to continue using the ideation meeting-type even though they’re working remotely.

That can be tough to pull off with regular communication platforms, but Wurkr isn’t a regular communication platform.

It’s an awesome piece of tech that’s been designed for remote teams specifically.

Here, you can gather your team around a whiteboard to collaborate more easily. you can also forget about the issues with being thousands of miles apart – you’re all in a virtual room.

Here are just some of the benefits:
  1. Engage in ideation sessions using a customized space.
  2. Fetch any document relevant to the project you’re working on.
  3. Set up spots where your team can move to and from.
But wait, there’s more:
  1. Use popular third-party apps, like, Google Docs, Google Sheets, and Google Slides.
  2. Connect them with a single click and save time on boring admin so you can focus on what really matters – ideas.

In short, Wurkr provides everything your remote team needs to create an environment in which new ideas can be brought up, explored, and considered without any judgment or immediate dismissal.

What Is an Ideation meeting?

Ideation is a type of meeting that can help teams get their creative juices flowing and resolve an issue they’re facing. 

According to data gathered from 3.5 million respondents, ideation has been shown to improve results and improve decision-making for teams. 

It provides teams of all sizes with the opportunity to bring diverse knowledge, ideas, and different skills to the table and find solutions to problems and establish new practices.

It’s an excellent way to resolve issues when a specific department can’t handle an issue on its own so a multi-disciplinary group of team members takes a crack at it to attempt to find new ways to resolve it.

You’ll notice it’s a bit similar to a brainstorming session. Same, but different.

Why Is Ideation Important for Your Team?

New technology requires new thinking to constantly push your team to the limit and discover the most creative methods to beat your competition.

Ideation sessions do just that.

It’s where you let everyone on your team spill their creative juices all over the place and shortlist the best ones to create a solid solution to whatever challenge you face.

They can be messy, sure, but they’re absolutely worth their weight in gold once you’ve got a bunch of ideas down on paper and ready to execute.

Not only do you get to utilize the best heads on your team, but you also get to learn more about your teammates and how they think.

It goes something like this:
  • Change the scenery – introduce your team to a new environment that fosters creative thinking.
  • Create a relaxed environment – make sure no one feels threatened by the fear of judgment.
  • Prepare some questions – kick off the sessions with questions that’ll get everyone’s juices flowing.

Once the ideation session kicks off, you should make sure to tick these boxes:

  • Inspirational – Does the idea get everyone excited?
  • Relevant – Does it actually help solve the challenge?
  • Actionable – Can you actually execute the idea right now?

Once you’re done voting, it’s time to apply the ideas to solve the problem. But simply doing that might not make the cut.

That’s where the next steps come in:

Analogies – use analogies to explain your ideas to your teammates.
Bodystorming – use people, props, or digital prototypes to show your ideas.
Brainwalking – move between different positions, go for a walk using the mobile app to share and refine your ideas.

Once that is done, you should have a pretty good list of ideas that can be used to advance your project and are not ready to be further narrowed down.

Use Wurkr to Host Productive Ideation Meetings

If your remote team is having issues with communication for ideation meetings or across the board, you might want to give Wurkr a shot. 

Click the link below, sign up for a free account, invite your teammates, and start working on new ideas immediately.


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