A kick-off meeting is an initial discussion about how to start (kick-off) a particular project. It’s super-important to make sure everyone’s on the same page from the get-go.

How Wurkr Improves Your Remote Kick-Offs

If you’re working remotely, a quality kick-off meeting can be a challenge – especially if new projects are popping up frequently. 

If you are using traditional conference solutions, it’ll be downright daunting. But that’s exactly why we built Wurkr!

With our platform, you’ll feel like the kick-off is organic and you’ll be able to Share ideas, express opinions (unless they’re offensive), and develop strategies remotely – it’s never been more straightforward.

Whether you need to consult a large number of files and documents, access a whiteboard, or use sticky notes to remember the main objectives, we’ve got you covered.

By using Wurkr, all kick-offs will start and finish on a high note. You’ll reach the maximum level of productivity and creativity thanks to the many useful features our virtual platform provides.

What Is a Kick-Off?

A kick-off meeting is the initial meeting either within your team or including external contributors (e.g., clients, partners).  

The agenda for kick-off meetings is for everyone involved to introduce themselves and present their visions, goals, and expectations.

Besides getting to know each other better, kick-off meetings can be used to define the basic elements and features of the new project. 

Also, teams can define additional project planning activities that’ll take place.

Whether you’re working in product development, marketing, or sales, a kick-off is the first step to make sure that each project is off to a good start.

Why Is Brainstorming Important for Your Team?

A kick-off will give your team and your clients the following benefits:

  • You get to know each other better
  • Everyone’s on board with all activities
  • The team becomes familiar with key project goals and objectives
  • Anyone can immediately clarify assumptions and doubts
  • Team leaders can showcase their expert leadership skills
  • You can also pull in support from investors and stakeholders
  • Stakeholders and investors learn about milestones and possible risks
  • Everyone is on the same page and has a great time

As you can see, a kick-off makes sure that each project runs like a well-oiled machine, without any major bumps or disagreements along the way. 

Say hello to extraordinary success rates at record-breaking speeds!

Use Wurkr For Your Next Remote Kick-off Meeting

As mentioned, organizing kick-off meetings with traditional conferencing software can be challenging and inefficient. 

But with Wurkr, it’ll be a breeze to string together the agenda for kick off meetings.

Check out Wurkr and invite your teammates to check it out as well. You can sign up for a free account and kick off right away!


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