Office hours

Office hours are the perfect solution for virtual team leaders who can’t seem to find the time for their teammates. They’re the key to staying connected with your company.

How Wurkr Improves Office Hours Meetings

Organizing office hours when working remotely isn’t as efficient or as effective, but that’s where Wurkr comes in to save the day.

Here are some features Wurkr offers to its users for an improved office hour experience:

  • Share your availability status – people know whether you’re already in a conversation with someone or not;
  • Use your dedicated link – share the link to your personal meeting space with anyone;
  • Access your files – have your documents on stand-by and let others keep them async;
  • Offer fully flexible office hours – simply open the doors to your office to let others know when you’re ready to chat;

What Are Office Hours?

Busy and stressed-out team leaders have a lot on their plate every day, so finding the time to focus on their team seems next to impossible. 

However, there’s a simple solution.

Just like university professors, team leaders can organize office hours meetings too. An office hours meeting is the fixed time when team members can meet with team leaders to discuss virtually anything.

Unlike regular company meetings, office hours are more intimate and focused on a specific task or topic. As such, these private meetings allow team members to ask questions freely or discuss issues of any nature.

To organize office hours effectively, you must assess your schedule to determine the days and times that’ll work for everyone. It’s best to keep the timing of office hours fixed, so teammates can always count on them. It also acts as a way for people to filter their questions and ask themselves “Do I need to ask this question right now or can I wait for this person’s office hour?”.

Why Is an Office Hours Meeting Important?

Since they’re designed to help out the entire team, office hours are beneficial for everyone in the company. Let’s look at some of the advantages team members can rely on.


One of the two main features of office hours is efficiency. Verbal discussion is still much easier than the written one, regardless of how fast you can type. In most cases, a 5-minute conversation is enough to solve a problem that would otherwise take rows and rows of written discussion and still leave some things unanswered or misunderstood.

Due to the impressive level of efficiency, team members can get the needed information quickly, which allows them to go back to important tasks almost immediately.


Another key feature of office hours is complete predictability and transparency. Knowing when someone can be reached is of crucial importance for numerous team members, as this gives them the possibility to plan their tasks and duties accordingly.

Moreover, people holding office hours can organize their time better by defining specific hours in their workday during which they’ll focus only on ad-hoc requests.

Start Using Wurkr for Office Hours

From easy meeting scheduling to simple file sharing, Wurkr has all the tools and features required to organize a successful office hours meeting.
With our platform, your teammates will never be misinformed or confused about a project ever again.
Sign up for Wurkr for free today and experience a new level of connection and cooperation with your team – even when working remotely!


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