One to One

One-to-one meetings are between you and another team member. They’re quick, useful, and can be pretty cozy, too.

How Wurkr Improves Your Remote One-to-one Meetings

Unlike the bare-bones traditional virtual conferencing software that feels like it’s from the 90s, Wurkr’s virtual office space features open spaces, lounges, break rooms.

Here are a few ways Wurkr stays one step ahead of traditional VC software in one-to-one meetings:

  • Foster a culture of feedback – give feedback, but even when you’re in a private chat, other members of your team can see are seeing that you’re busy with improvement.
  • Enjoy a private experience – since feeling safe to open up during a one-to-one meeting is important, we’ve made sure you can shout as much as you want! 
  • Keep a history of feedback – use a whiteboard or use sticky pin notes, so you never lose any crucial information. It’s also better for the remote environment.

What Is a One-to-one Meeting?

One-to-one meetings are also called 1:1 meetings, but let’s not get bogged down in lingo. They’re usually meetings between two team members or between you and your team leader. 

The most common meetings are team meetings which often revolve around discussing work-related topics and exchanging ideas. 

One-to-one meetings are different from typical meetings as the limited number of participants allows you to get deeper and discuss feedback, mentoring, or building rapport. 

Usually, one to one meetings do not have a very clear structure but there are a few questions that can be asked such as: 

  1. How are you feeling?
  2. Is there anything on your mind?
  3. What are you most looking forward to?
  4. What are you most scared of?
  5. Is there anything I can help to make your day to day better?

These questions are usually a great way to start the conversation. Feel free to let the conversation go in any direction you want. 

It’s beneficial for both of you to express what’s bothering you at work, what can be improved, or give some advice on how to grow professionally. 

Why Are Remote One-to-one Meetings Important?

Regular one-to-one meetings have the potential to change your team forever and bring long-term improvements. They can help everyone stay engaged and motivated, which lets you build a more cohesive team.

Exciting stuff – here’s what else they’re good for:

  • Getting to know your teammates or -leader better
  • Getting informed of what another teammate is working on
  • Receiving updates on the progress of certain projects
  • Giving and receiving feedback on specific tasks
  • Hosting quick coaching or mentoring sessions

When you implement them as part of your ongoing strategy, one-to-one meetings can also unlock new productivity levels. If everyone on your team is engaged, you’ll perform better together and reduce the risk of burnout – which is a real killer!

Having a consistent one-to-one meeting schedule can appear daunting when you work with remote teams. 

But Wurkr, which is a next-gen virtual office platform, is here to help you streamline one-to-one meetings – even if you’re working remotely.

Use Wurkr for Your Next One-to-one Meeting

If you want a personal room for one-to-one meetings, Wurkr can help you do it effortlessly and improve the whole experience.
Just click on the button below to grab your free account, and make sure to get your peers in on the action as well!


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