Virtual HQ

A virtual HQ is precisely what the name suggests. It’s a virtual representation of your team’s headquarters where people can get together and discuss important matters.

How Wurkr Improves Your Virtual HQ

With remote teams becoming increasingly popular, more and more companies are looking for handy solutions to increase their performance while still ensuring team members are satisfied. 

Learning about the advantages of virtual HQs will surely motivate you to invest in this smart tool, and that’s where Wurkr comes into play.

With Wurkr, you and your pers can look forward to the following…

1. Organize Meetings

From quick daily stand-ups that are designed to update all team members about the latest novelties to serious annual meetings discussing the company’s key goals and objectives, Wurkr equips you with everything you need to organize and conduct an efficient and successful meeting.

2. Work Together From Anywhere

Remote working can make collaborative and cooperative tasks hard to complete. That’s why Wurkr focuses on providing features designed for team coworking. 

3. Hang Out

A good working atmosphere is a foundation for everything else in a company. Wurkr lets you spend some quality time with your peers. 

What Is a Virtual HQ?

A virtual HQ is a virtual office space that enables teams to work, meet, discuss projects, and interact with each other without having to visit the physical office space

With the power of the Internet, team members can go about their day and complete all their duties since the virtual HQ serves as a replacement for the physical one.

Why are Virtual HQs Important?

You might think having a virtual HQ isn’t necessary for your remote team

However, setting up a virtual HQ is a must if your goal is to provide your team members with a virtual space where they can start their day, have interactions, attend meetings and social events, greet guests, and do so much more.

Therefore, virtual HQs equip you and your peers with various new abilities.

1. Publish Updates and Announcements

Forget about sending individual messages to your teammates.
 A virtual HQ gathers all team members in one virtual space
so that you can inform everyone about the latest events in a blink of an eye. 
Whether you want to organize meetings or simply publish the newest updates, you can rest assured that everyone will be up to date.

2. Attend Meetings in Office Spaces

Even if your team members live in different parts of the world, everyone can come together and attend meetings if they’re organized remotely. 
That way, all your peers will know the details regarding the project and its tasks.

3. Greet Unexpected Visitors

Do visitors tend to drop by at your virtual HQ unannounced? 
Never let them catch you in an unpleasant situation by greeting them and showing them the way to the nearest conference room or office. 

Use Wurkr as Your Virtual HQ

If you’re looking for a tool that’ll keep your virtual HQ organized and pleasant to be in, Wurkr is your best option. 

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