A sprint meeting is a short work effort when a Scrum team works to complete a set amount of tasks in a limited period of time.

How Wurkr Improves Your Team Sprints

Sprint meetings often include the Scrum Team, the Scrum Master, and the product owner. 

Depending on the size of the team, that’s a lot of people occupying the same screen. These agile spring meetings are usually crowded, awkward, and not very productive in the digital environment. 

Wurkr makes sprint planning meetings effective by ensuring the natural flow and direct exchange of information. 

A team in the middle of a sprint planning session can create a space to get together and coordinate the project. Here, all the information is available to all team members and can be easily discussed and modified. 

By using Wurkr, we recommend setting up a room dedicated to your sprint.

To summarize, Wurkr supercharges sprints in the following ways:

  1. No more swapping rooms – conduct your sprints end-to-end in one space.
  2. Goodbye to awkward environments – create a home that feels like your team.
  3. Stop stopping and starting – Engage fluidly before, after, and between meetings.
  4. Easily find your stuff – your documents are easily accessible via Google.

What Is a Sprint?

A sprint planning meeting is part of the Scrum or Agile methodology and is used to work on an objective in incremental time-boxed periods. 

It can be a one-off project with the goal to use a focused and fast-paced approach regarding a particular set of tasks or projects. 

For a one-off sprint, an objective is set, ranging from a problem statement to a set of tasks that need to be completed. 

The team in charge of the sprint then estimates how much time they want to allocate to reach the objective – thus setting a deadline. 

Sprints are typically time-boxed between one and four weeks because keeping them short ensures resourcefulness and creativity. 

Sprints can also be set at a frequent interval and are often used in high-velocity product teams and start-ups to build fast and mobilize the organization around a set schedule and pace. 

The progress and outcome of each sprint can be reviewed, and the insights gained can be used to improve the next sprint planning you work on. 

Such a learning session is typically done through a retro – but sprints are better.

Why Are Sprints Important for Your Team?

Sprint planning can help teams work faster with greater flexibility. Since they’re goal-oriented, sprints keep the team focused on individual tasks, pushing them to be resourceful.

Sprints boast a range of applications for teams of all sizes. 

Startup teams typically use them, but they’re also helpful to software development teams, product design teams, or exploring growth opportunities, in general.

Organizing and Maintaining a Sprint with Wurkr Is Easy

Working remotely and not having the direct communication of an office space can make sprints very difficult and messy.

Your team can create a free account with Wurkr by clicking the “Get Started” link below and work on your sprint in a matter of minutes.


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