Team meeting

Virtual team meetings are prescheduled and everyone’s briefed on the topics in advance. They improve collaboration and productivity so each project runs smoothly and on time.

How Wurkr Improves Your Remote Team Meeting

Wurkr gives you a virtual office platform with everything you need to take your virtual team meetings to the next level. 

Here, you’ll be able to create a project room where you can have a team meeting, collaborate on a task, or have a team consultation – the sky is the limit.

Let’s go over what you can expect…

Enjoy A Fluid Experience

Team meetings in VC feel like discrete events as you pop in and out of meetings constantly, which makes the experience of working remotely… clunky. With Wurkr, you can have all your virtual meetings together, get into the flow, and have quick chats before and after.

Go Beyond Screen Sharing

In VC, you can only screen share but not really collaborate. With Wurkr, you can launch, Google Docs, or use any of our integrations, Sheets, Slides, and whiteboards. 

Use Virtual Whiteboards

Ever entered a recurring meeting without remembering the last meeting? It sucks. But with Wurkr, you can attach a whiteboard with a to-do list to pick up where you left off. That creates continuity as get into the flow right away.

What Is a Team Meeting?

A team meeting is where you and your team discuss one or more mission-critical topics in detail. 

You, your team leader, or your teammates can share information about a specific project or client update ahead of the meeting, so everyone knows what you’ll discuss. 

Unlike more spontaneous meetings, team meetings are scheduled in advance, so everyone can set aside time in their schedule to attend them and get updated on projects. 

Why Are Team Meetings Important?

Team meeting agendas can improve collaboration and strengthen relationships within your team. 

They help everyone understand the importance of their role within the team and understand how important their contributions are to its success. 

Meetings will also help your team align on a given topic and understand the objectives of each individual team member for the project to succeed as a whole. 

They’ll also improve the productivity of your team because you’ll be able to share creative ideas and provide each other with immediate feedback.

Hosting team meetings the right way can be challenging in-person, let alone as a remote team. But solving that challenge is exactly why we invented Wurkr.

Use Wurkr For Your Next Team Meeting

If any of the more traditional team communication apps don’t cut the mustard, then why not give Wurkr a try for your next team meeting agenda?

Click the button below to sign up for a free account, and make sure to shoot your teammates an invite as well so they can join the party!


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