Workplace Continuity

Protect your business from the impact of unexpected events.

Our online spaces enable you to maintain business continuity and achieve business continuity and mitigate the risk of the unexpected, with ready-to-use global workplaces …available Immediately.

We’ll partner with you to make sure it’s business as usual for you and your customers, with a fully-furnished, virtual office for as many people as you need.

It’s important to remember that staff working at home can quickly feel isolated, with a lack of interaction with colleagues… a Wurkr workspace helps you handle the risks by helping your team stay connected.


Extreme weather, industrial action, natural disasters… flood, fire , localised power of internet cut off, office inaccessible for any reason.

Gather critical teams on Wurkr from anywhere in the world… Instantly

Keeps people engaged and together in often very challenging times!

The right support for the right people

Our workplace recovery plan delivers flexible, responsive support so you can ensure business continuity.

Dynamic – guaranteed workspaces ready in minutes
Rapid – emergency, on-demand workspaces

What to expect

Hit the ground running.

Our online spaces give your team everything they need to keep your business running – for as long as you need. Log in, knowing everything is set up and ready-to-use, while our experienced community teams are on-line to support any additional needs.

Global network

Support wherever you need it.

We offer you the security of a trusted global recovery platform. Our scale allows us to recover hundreds of businesses a year, from all kinds of disruption – from natural disasters to power cuts. Access thousands of workspace locations in every major city and transport hub worldwide, so you can keep your business running wherever unexpected events happen.

Price & availability

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