Wurkr Features

Your Fully Immersive Workplace Innovation Tool

Workplace Innovation Tool

Work more easily with your team


Get always connected and visible through video with your team mates anywhere they are.

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Connect with audio, hear and work in an open office plan.

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Instant messaging to colleagues in the office, either one-to-one or to all in the room.

Secure Platform - Wurkr

Secure Platform

Wurkr video calls are made using WebRTC, encryption is mandatory part of WebRTC and is enforced on all aspects of establishing and maintaining a connection, WebRTC data is secured via SSL based connection, allowing WebRTC to offer end-to-end encryption between peers with almost any server arrangement.

Always Connected

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Share and Present

Share your screen with colleagues and guests and present your ideas.

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External Guests

Invite them, meet them in the reception and walk them to the meeting room.

Open Office Plan

Different workspaces and meeting rooms, move to meeting rooms to have discussions.


Customize your space as you need with customisable room names, and logo.

Room Lock

Lock you room and get your private meeting going without any interference.

Break Room

Move to the break room to have water cooler chats.

How we make a change?

environmentally responsible business - Wurkr

Tech for good

Wurkr is an environmentally responsible business with sustainability at the core of its ethos. This compelling platform brings far more to the table than video conferencing.

Employee wellbeing

Employee wellbeing

The industry is seeing increasing focus on internal, employee-centric engagement and a fulfilling employee experience. Wurkr can enable greater wellbeing, reducing loneliness while boosting work life balance.

Digital Transformation - Wurkr

Digital Transformation

Wurkr is a SaaS enabled video platform modernising the long-term future of work by helping businesses expedite their digital transformation. An easy to deploy platform, Wurkr has the in-built scalability to enable significant and rapid expansion. This helps engaging and communicating with distributed and remote workforce.​