Working Together from Anywhere

Wurkr is a video platform that replicates your physical office - online! You can communicate and work with your distributed or remote colleagues visibly and in real-time wherever they may be.

Come into The Office!

Login and work with your teammates as if you are in the same office. Do your daily stand-ups, invite your clients in for a meeting or simply just work together and have fun. Feel like you are sitting with your colleagues from anywhere. None of the fuss of arranging video conferences

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What is Wurkr?

  • Always On

    You can hear, see and work together in an open plan office

  • Visible

    Visibility of meetings happening in other offices or floors in the building

  • Flexible

    Bring teams and workers together regardless of where they are located

  • External Guests

    Invite them and meet them in the reception and walk them to their meeting room

  • Screen Sharing

    Share your screen with colleagues and guests and let them share

  • Messaging

    Instant messaging to colleagues in the office, either one-to-one or to an audience

How it Works.

  • Single Sign On to “Wurkr” platform via Chrome Browser

  • Enter the office and be visible to all your colleagues

  • Say “Hi” and engage like a traditional office

  • Hear and See everyone in the office, chat and share screens with others

  • Breakout to meeting rooms to have private discussions or meetings

  • Invite external clients into the office for a meeting

  • Work from Anywhere you want but still be part of the office

  • Easy set up via Cloud based access

  • Leave the office with a simple click


The Challenges

  • Workers cannot seamlessly work with their colleagues remotely

  • Workers need to be visible and engaged when working away from the office

  • Visual Real-time collaboration is needed for workers to feel part of a team

  • Thousands of experienced workers leave the traditional office as they cannot commute

  • Businesses lose top talent as they cannot give them more flexible or remote working

  • Productivity of remote workers drops due to lack of visibility and engagement

  • Existing video conferencing products require and invite or request to start a call


With Wurkr you can go into your office with a click of a link and start collaborating. Have fun as well as work with colleagues. Do more, instantly from the comfort of wherever you choose to work. The home, office, in fact anywhere you have an internet connection. Be more productive, be more connected, be anywhere!

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Work Together from Anywhere!