About Wurkr

Transforming the future of work

At Wurkr, our idea is simple – to reproduce an office or home environment. Especially as we enter the ‘new normal’ brought about by global trends including globalisation, urban densification and post-pandemic workplace trends.

We enable employees to connect, collaborate and engage without the costs and constraints of a traditional office and eliminate the inefficiencies of traditional video conferencing platforms.

Our founders, Annil and Tim both UK based from London (England) have been a solid team for over three decades before this project came alive. Their realisation that there was no collaboration software, let alone a high tech one, that could help them work together from different geographies made them conceptualise Wurkr. When separated by distances, Annil and Tim experienced the impact of disconnected and isolated teams on business goals, employee health, creativity and productivity. And thus, they set on a mission to optimise the morale and productivity of distributed workforces. And that’s what we are all about!

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Who we help?


If you are an employee, moving to Wurkr will feel like transitioning to a fully furnished physical office! With a hyper-realistic work environment, reinvent the joy of working with your teammates and collaborate endlessly. Achieve your job goals and people-strategy smartly, and manage time efficiently. Whether it is file-sharing, having private meetings or taking breaks with co-workers, Wurkr never lets you feel lonely and unproductive.


If you are a CEO or a Founder, feel the power of deploying a SaaS-enabled long-term future of work that fully replicates a physical workplace. Achieve 100% cost-effective digital transformation of workflow in the wake of remote-working industries, with us. Trump the challenges of scalability if your business has a long-term expansion plan.

Human Resource Officers

If you are an HRO, replicate your organisation’s culture in our easy-to-use ‘hybrid’ real-time LIVE model. Raise employee satisfaction, boost motivation, reduce loneliness and improve productivity by manifesting employee-centric engagement fulfilled by Wurkr. Build cohesive teams, and bring down the barriers of geographical distances.


If you are an investor, address the massive $26bn global coworking gap. Wurkr has helped businesses adapt to digital technology, grow with it and reap the early mover advantage and adopt the future of working. We also assist investors in building sustainable and ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) compliant investment avenues for the long term.


Join the team of future-makers

We are transforming the future of working from anywhere in a connected world. As a remote-first organisation, Wurkr has a 100% distributed team manifesting and living the change we have promised to the world!


Building a greener and a safer tomorrow

Wurkr’s initiatives are built on sustainable green practices for the planet and promote inclusive, accessible and safer spaces for employee workforce.

Our Commitment

  • Pledge to plant more trees
  • Improve human connectivity
  • Ensure happier work culture and employees
  • Save energy, time and money

Wurkr © Copyright 2022.
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Wurkr © copyright 2022.
All rights reserved.

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